What is affiliate marketing? (What is Affiliate Marketing in Bengali), How Affiliate Marketing Works and How to Make Money From It You may have some doubts, but today we will discuss affiliate marketing in detail if you read this post in its entirety. Then you can easily understand affiliate marketing.

In today’s era of digital marketing, with the increase in mobile and internet usage, people are showing more interest in shopping online. Seeing the trend of this online shopping among the people, a one-way e-commerce website has been launched. All of these e-commerce websites run affiliate programs for the sale and promotion of products that some bloggers and affiliate marketers make money by promoting and selling those products.

What is affiliate marketing? Meaning Of Affiliate Marketing in Bengali

What is affiliate marketing?  Affiliate marketing is considered as a strategy of digital marketing, through which a number of commissions are earned by promoting and selling the product of a company through a blog or affiliate marketer blog or website.

What kind of products are promoted in affiliate marketing?

There are usually two types of products in affiliate marketing 1. Daily necessities 2. The second is a variety of digital products such as online courses, premium video photos, etc.

If you are a blogger then you can promote affiliate products on your blog through your blog or website so the revenue from your blog can be almost doubled.

But one thing to keep in mind is that blogs will require a lot of traffic to make money from affiliate marketing.


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